Campaign analysis is an essential practice to monetize our Website. Our reports are a window into campaign delivery. Reporting is tailored to your needs: automated daily reporting, weekly reporting, month’s end and final campaign wrap-up reports. And if you are looking for custom reports that compare data between first and third party ad servers . . . we build those, too.

Campaign reports
Generating campaign reports on a daily basis helps track the progress of ad campaigns. Our analytics experts suggest and employ various yield optimization techniques to clients to ensure higher yield.

3rd Party Reports
Generation of reports from 3rd party ad servers and comparing with the hosted adserver numbers on a regular basis keeps discrepancies to a minimum. Our experts are able to highlight discrepancies sooner and deal with adjusting eCPM’s to optimize ad campaigns.

Publisher/Advertiser Billing Reports
Our analytics experts generate monthly billing reports for advertisers and publishers in a timely manner so that you can generate your invoices on time. This data is securely processed and shared with billing team.

Inventory Forecasting Reports
Forecasting helps sales manage client’s expectations of campaign delivery and ensures that we are meeting our campaign goals. Our teams of experts are able to accurately forecast campaign inventory for various targeting criteria and also suggest changes to the targeting to achieve client goals during pre-sales.


  1. •  Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  2. •  Advanced Analytics - Statistical Analysis and Modeling
  3. •  Reporting and Dashboard Automation
  4. •  Excel/Access - VBA/Macros
  5. •  Reporting Template Development
  6. •  Regular Reporting Services – Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.
  7. •  Business Dashboard Development using Excel and Automated KPI Management/Alerts
  8. •  Development of Reporting Portals using PHP, MySQL and other Open Source Technologies
  9. •  ETL Development for Data Gathering, Cleansing and Integration
  10. •  Custom Reports
  11. •  Data Aggregation (Primary Vs Third party variance report)